Together, the partnership prioritized nearly 90 projects to implement that will result in easily accessible, well-marked recreational opportunities that connect numerous trails and natural resources in Greater Reading. We believe that by enhancing trails and greenways, this will influence and support Berks County's very active and professional economic development activities for the region. Berks Nature leads this partnership because through greater use and appreciation of these natural resources and recreational assets by our citizens, improved stewardship and interest in the environment will ensue.

Berks Area Mountain Biking Association’s involvement with the Greater Reading Trails Partnership has resulted in our region being named a Bronze Level International Mountain Biking Destination through the International Mountain Biking Association.


Recent national surveys suggest that outdoor recreation participation continues to increase with some of the fastest growing pursuits being: birding, hiking, backpacking, and walking. Many residents value the hunting, fishing opportunities provided in the natural habitats within our community. In Berks County alone, $154 million is spent on outdoor recreation annually. Based on statewide averages, residents and visitors to Berks County spend these dollars in three major areas: Hunting ($56 million), Fishing ($41 million) and Wildlife Watching ($51 million). Bicyclists will spend an average of $400-600/year and Hikers an average of $265/year. We can attribute these statistics to the rural nature of our community and the variety of natural resources and recreational opportunities that exist. All total, in Berks there are 54,294 acres of public park and recreation facilities (federal, state, county, municipal) and an additional 17,037 acres of private recreation facilities (sportsmans clubs, scout camps, golf courses, etc.)


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Greater Reading Trails Partnership

The Greater Reading Trail Partnership represents numerous organizations and agencies that work together to connect all of Greater Reading’s fantastic natural resources. This Partnership is managed and coordinated by Berks Nature, your local non-profit conservation organization. Berks Nature is not responsible for all of the trails represented on this website. Please contact the appropriate organization found at each link if you have trail-specific questions!

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